Slide 2018 from Rocscience Includes Launched Soil Nails!

Rocscience SlideRocscience’s creation and inclusion of the “Launched Soil Nail” support type in Slide 2018 now allows users to input the structural properties of launched soil nails into their 2D limit equilibrium slope stability analysis program. Slide 2018 uses the theory outlined in the USFS/FHWA “Application Guide for Launched Soil Nails” manual to calculate the ultimate nail resistance. The program also permits the engineer to specify the resistance type the support provides – tensile, shear, or a combination of the two. Prior to incorporation into Slide 2018, designers had to employ a more tedious design method using equations from the USFS/FHWA manual, calculated by hand or spreadsheet, and then iteratively input into slope stability software using user-defined support models, updating with each stability analysis run until convergence. By performing the calculations within the program code, the analysis is streamlined and greatly reduces the opportunity for transposition errors between separate programs.

The creation and inclusion of the “Launched Soil Nail” support type in Slide 2018 culminates a years-long collaboration between Rocscience and GeoStabilization. “We are excited that these updates to Slide 2018 allow designers to add this important tool to their geohazard mitigation toolbox,” states Roch Player, PE, GeoStabilization’s Chief Engineer. He continues, “by providing more options to the profession, the better we all can serve the public and protect them from the dangers of geohazards.”

Information on Slide 2018 and purchasing details can be found here.

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