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Vendor / Subcontractor

Vendor / Subcontractor

One of Geostabilization International’s primary assets is its integrity. We have established a Third-Party Code of Ethics and Business Conduct to help everyone comply with the law and maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct. This Code does not cover every issue that may arise but sets out basic principles to help guide us to attain this common goal. This Third-Party Code expresses the expectations we hold with our subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, agents, consultants, and business partners and mirrors the standards we set for our employees. Thank you for your shared commitment to meeting these principles.

Comply with Laws and Regulations

Compliance with the law is one of the principles underlying all GeoStabilization policies. All third-party suppliers, their employees, and subcontractors are expected to respect and comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations that govern the jurisdictions in which they do business.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest

We expect our third-party suppliers to avoid all conflict of interest or situations giving the appearance of a potential conflict of interest in their dealings with GeoStabilization. We expect our third-parties to report to us any instances of potential or apparent conflicts between personal interests and the interests of our company.


We operate a zero-tolerance policy for corruption and prohibit anyone conducting business on our behalf, including third-parties, from offering or making any improper payments of money or anything of value to government officials, political parties, candidates for public office, or other persons.

Business Gifts and Courtesies

We compete on the merits of our services and do not use the exchange of business courtesies to gain an unfair advantage. We expect the same from our third-party suppliers.

Fair Competition/Anti-Trust

We expect our third-parties to conduct business with us, our customers, vendors, and other business partners in accordance with all applicable anti-trust laws. This include avoiding business practices such as entry into arrangements that unlawfully restrain competition, improper exchange of competitive information, price fixing, bid rigging, or improper market allocation.

Confidential/Proprietary Information

Our third-parties should take proper care to protect all sensitive information, including confidential, proprietary, and personal information. Information should not be used for any purposes beyond the scope of the business arrangement with our company; without prior authorization.

Respect People and the Environment

Suppliers must share GeoStabilization’s commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace by exercising good judgment in work decisions and applying safe work practices to all activities. All third-party suppliers are responsible for following all applicable environmental, health, and safety laws, regulations, and standards in the performance of their duties.

Human Rights

We expect our third-parties to treat people with respect & dignity, encourage diversity & diverse opinions, promote equal opportunity, and help create an inclusive & ethical culture.

Human Trafficking

We expect our third-parties to not engage in the use of forced, bonded, or indentured labor; involuntary prison labor, slavery; or trafficking of persons. This includes transporting, harboring, recruiting, transferring, or receiving vulnerable persons by means of threat, force, coercion, abduction, or fraud for the purpose of exploitation.

Drug-Free Workplace

We expect our third-parties to maintain a workplace free of illegal drugs.

Accurate Record Keeping

We expect our third-parties to maintain all records as it is essential to our success, security and effectiveness and care must be taken to ensure that records are managed properly. GeoStabilization holds the right to audit all records at any time during the contractual agreement.

Please feel free to contact the Compliance Team with your comments/questions about the Code. 970-210-6170 |