Shotcrete Wall & Sculpted Shotcrete

Our Shotcrete Wall & Sculpted Shotcrete

GeoStabilization International® is North America’s leader in shotcrete wall and sculpted shotcrete solutions. The company not only uses the most advanced equipment and application methods available but also develops its proprietary shotcrete solutions for unrivaled performance.


What Is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is a technique for applying concrete by spraying it onto vertical or overhead surfaces under high pressure. This application method results in similar strength, density, and durability as traditional cast-in-place concrete but is more rapid, economical, and better suited for hard-to-access areas.

What Is Sculpted Shotcrete?

Sculpted shotcrete is concrete that is sculpted shortly after spraying while it is still wet and malleable. It has two main applications: in wall retention systems and in creating natural-looking architectural or landscaping finishes.

Shotcrete Wall Retention Systems

GeoStabilization’s technicians use sculpted shotcrete to create earth retention systems and structural support structures. Examples include:

  • Soil nail walls
  • Shotcrete walls
  • Permanent shotcrete wall systems
  • Shotcrete-faced soldier pile walls
  • Shotcrete-faced lagging walls

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Advantages of Shotcrete Over Cast-in-Place Concrete

Thanks to its rapid application and consolidation, shotcrete is more cost-effective and time-saving than cast-in-place concrete. Shotcrete is also a better option for constructing walls in hard-to-access areas.

Another benefit is that shotcrete is exceptionally flexible and versatile. GeoStabilization’s technicians can use ready-mixed shotcrete or mix it on-site to create various aesthetic or natural-looking finishes and design elements over the exposed concrete face.

Natural-Looking and Aesthetic Shotcrete Finishes

Sculpted shotcrete can imitate natural rock or create decorative textured or stained finishes in various architectural and landscaping projects. After GeoStabilization’s experts spray the shotcrete onto the target surface, they can sculpt it to blend with the surrounding natural environment or achieve the desired aesthetic.

The GeoStabilization International® Shotcrete Robot

As a global industry leader, GeoStabilization International® is always at the forefront of technological innovation. The company not only uses the latest geohazard mitigation equipment but also develops innovative solutions.

One such innovation is the GeoStabilization International® Shotcrete Robot. This technology enables GeoStabilization’s technicians to spray shotcrete remotely rather than by manually holding a shotcrete hose. The Shotcrete Robot also comes with a cordless remote that allows the operator to easily see and reach hard-to-access areas and spray the shotcrete from a safe distance.

The advantages of using the Shotcrete Robot instead of manual shotcrete hoses include:

  • Enhanced crew safety
  • Faster application
  • Exponentially increased production rates
  • Higher-quality installations
  • Better visibility of the shotcrete face in hard-to-access sites

GeoStabilization International®: North America’s Premier Shotcrete Company

GeoStabilization International® uses the most advanced shotcrete and sculpted shotcrete technologies available.

When combined with the company’s proprietary solutions like the Shotcrete Robot, the company achieve unrivaled performance while lowering the environmental impact and realizing significant time and cost savings compared to traditional concrete application.

Each GeoStabilization shotcrete installation goes through strict quality assurance, which includes shooting test panels and testing sample cores or strips.

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