GeoStabilization Annual Safety Meeting Enforces Safety Culture

GeoStabilization Continues Commitment to a Safety Culture

In February, Geostabilization hosted its annual safety meeting in Tucson, Arizona. Every year, GeoStabilization ceases field operations for an entire week and devotes all company operations to training its employees in the industry’s most cutting-edge safety practices.

“Safety is a non-negotiable part of our company culture,” Kim Ruckman, Chief Administrative Officer, said. “This meeting, flying everyone to a central location for face-to-face instruction, is a substantial investment of company time and resources, but it is absolutely worth it.”

This year’s meeting is another example of GeoStabilization’s commitment to an industry-leading safety program. This program allows GeoStabilization to maintain some of the best safety statistics in the industry, including an EMR of 0.61, an OSHA 10 certified workforce, and numerous third-party safety certifications, including both S.P.R.A.T. and P.C.I.A. certifications.

The company’s four full-time, in-house safety personnel are focused on making sure GeoStabilization employs safe practices throughout its day-to-day operations.  Recently, the company hired a full-time Corporate Training Manager to ensure that safety training begins on every employee’s first day and continues throughout their tenure. GeoStabilization is also involved in advancing safety practices of the industry, including working with the A.G.H.P. Rope Access Committee in to develop a geohazard “Slope Site Assessment” form for use by Geohazard industry companies that use rope access techniques.

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