It’s How You Handle the “Emergency”…

Earlier this year, a massive rockfall event occurred along Interstate 75 in Tennessee: Large boulders fell onto the roadway, causing a temporary closure. The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) mobilized a team consisting of Blalock Construction and GeoStabilization International to respond to this emergency. GeoStabilization International’s rapid response and flexibility played a critical role in reopening the interstate quickly.

Dr. Martin Woodard, GeoStabilization International’s Rockfall Mitigation Engineer, worked hand-in-hand with other team members to create an effective plan to remove the fallen material and open the roadway. As soon as this design was completed, GeoStabilization International mobilized several of their highly-trained Rockfall Remediation Technicians to quickly and safely begin the repair work.

“This was a project that required absolute flexibility and we had to work quickly, as the client expected to re-open the road in 14 days,” said Woodard. “Due to the geology encountered at the site, the GSI team had to frequently adjust the repair design to account for changing conditions.

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