GeoStabilization’s Annual Conference Focuses on Safety and the Customer

This January, GeoStabilization employees from across the continent and New Zealand met in Bernalillo, New Mexico where every participant attended over 28 hours of intense, comprehensive training. The meeting’s emphasis was leadership, safety, and customer fulfillment with events including team building activities, technical training from qualified experts, and interaction with customers that were able to share their perspectives with our employees.

GeoStabilization’s current Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is 0.72. EMR is a metric used by the insurance industry to evaluate the relative risk of injury to a company’s employees. The average for any given industry is 1.00. Companies whose employees are at less risk of injury score below 1.00; those that at higher risk score above 1.00. Scores below 0.75 are considered excellent, making GeoStabilization’s current 0.72 rating even more notable. However, GeoStabilization’s full-time safety and leadership teams know that we can do even better. Therefore, much of the meeting time emphasized a “bottom-up” safety culture that can help reduce risk to our employees and further reduce our EMR.

“Our annual meeting is extremely important. We must ensure our family members know how to do their jobs correctly and safely,” said John Hollander, GeoStabilization’s Chief of People and Talent. “We are all a family, and I want to make sure that we protect our own and –by extension– our clients. We work all over the world and travel a lot. It’s important to get everyone together to maintain our company culture, and our focus on safety is a huge part of that.”

EMR Discussion at Conference
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