Adopting a W.I.N. Plan

GeoStabilization International®’s (GSI) Safety Department has implemented a “What’s Important Now” (W.I.N.) protocol as part of their industry-leading safety program. A next-generation upgrade for the Tool Box Talk, the W.I.N. is an innovation that engages each crewmember to recognize equipment hazards and detect prevention techniques. Completed each morning W.I.N. allows crews to create a plan for the day while identifying any hazards associated with the tasks.  “With all crewmembers actively engaged in establishing the plan”, says Josh Monroe, GeoStabilization International’s Safety Director, “it’s one more way that GeoStabilization International’s Safety Department is working hard to keep our crews safe”. While the implementation of “What’s Important Now” helps GeoStabilization International crews remain safe, the greatest benefit to W.I.N. is received by the client; ultimately eliminating the potential any delay in accomplishing the task and a constant daily review of the overall design and plan of the project.

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