Core Values deliver over 2,000 Projects

A demanding project in West Virginia delivered the mile marker of 2,000 successfully completed projects by GeoStabilization International. This amazing achievement was recognized with much gratitude by Bob Barrett, Al Ruckman, and other founding team members who remember their very first project. As stated by Al Ruckman “We are thankful to the amazing team of highly qualified geologists, engineers, construction staff and other professionals that together have accomplished this feat”.

GeoStabilization International’s leadership team attributes the company’s success to the company’s “rock solid” core values, which remain at the center of daily operations:

  • Always Do the Right Thing
  • Ensure Client Best Value
  • Advantage the Health and Future of Our Family
  • Bring Your Best, Nothing Less
  • Advance by Innovation

The next challenge: utilizing the company’s experience, knowledge, and innovation to complete the next 2,000 successful projects in less than 10 years!

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