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Rail Spur GCS Walls

Rail Spur GCS Walls

The construction of the rail line required creating fill zones through natural gullies which carry water at various times of the year. The quality of backfill material, compaction effort and water management through the two sites were likely insufficient to create a stable fill zone. These factors have likely contributed to the surficial movement of soil as observed onsite. 

Geostabilization International constructed two Geosynthetically Confined Soil (GCS) walls to bring the toe elevation up with the intent of reduce the slope angle to less than 30 degrees. The site was extremely challenging in terms of access to the work area, working adjacent to a watercourse and an active rail line. Our team completed the project ahead of schedule and on budget. 

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Ajay Sharma, Rail Spur GCS Walls
Ajay Sharma
Project Development Engineer

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Josh Monroe, Vice President of Safety / Quality / Compliance
Josh Monroe
Vice President of Safety / Quality / Compliance
Daniel Journeaux, Rockfall Director
Daniel Journeaux
Rockfall Director
Dylan Jones, Project Development Engineer
Dylan Jones
Project Development Engineer

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