Railway Geohazard Solutions:

Expert Railroad Stabilization

Access Limited specializes in providing comprehensive railway geohazard mitigation and geotechnical engineering solutions. Our commitment is to enhance the safety of railway infrastructure, ensuring the well-being of both passengers and railway professionals. With a focus on high mobility, rapid installations, and cost-effective solutions, Access Limited stands as a reliable partner for the railway industry.

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Railroad GeoHazard Mitigation Services:

Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

GeoStabilization International, through its Access Limited brand, offers a range of railway geohazard mitigation services designed to bolster safety and efficiency within the railway industry. Our solutions are characterized by minimal track downtime and value-engineered approaches that often result in significant cost savings.

Railroad Track and Soil Stabilization: A Critical Focus

Central to our offerings is the critical service of Railroad Track and Soil Stabilization. This involves fortifying the ground beneath railroad tracks to prevent settlement and ensure stability—a crucial factor for the safe and efficient movement of trains.

Methods of Railroad Track Stabilization Include:

Ballast Maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance to improve drainage and stability.

Tie Replacement

Replacing worn-out ties to maintain track structure stability.

Subgrade Stabilization

Reinforcing the layer beneath the ballast for enhanced stability.

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Innovative Solutions for Shallow Landslide Repairs

Access Limited's innovative geohazard mitigation solutions have played a vital role in the success of numerous railroad projects. Our RailJET® technology, a modified jet grouting process, offers a hydrodynamic mix-in-place technique for subgrade stabilization, ensuring track closures are minimized or eliminated during repairs.

Bridge Abutment Repair:

Strengthening Foundations for Safety

Our expertise extends to Railway Bridge Abutment Repair, addressing weaknesses caused by age, weather, or environmental factors. From reinforcing existing structures to underpinning and erosion control, we employ various techniques to ensure the safety and integrity of bridge structures.


Micropile Shouldercaps: Transformative Solutions for Railway Stability

Micropile Shouldercaps, a pioneering solution by Access Limited represent a revolutionary approach to addressing geotechnical challenges in tight and hard-to-access railway locations. Uniquely designed to stay within the right of way, these micropiles offer minimal disruption, making them an ideal solution for tracks where traditional methods may prove challenging.

Key Features and Benefits:

Minimally Invasive Design

Preserving the Right of Way: Micropile Shouldercaps are engineered to stay within the right of way of the track, eliminating the need for building roads or causing extensive disturbances.

Tailored to Tight Spots

Optimal for Majority of Tracks: Recognizing that a significant percentage of tracks pose challenges due to tight spaces, Micropile Shouldercaps become the ideal solution in such scenarios.

Retaining Wall Solution

Embankment Failure Resolution: Designed as a retaining wall solution, Micropile Shouldercaps effectively unload embankments, providing critical support to prevent track sinking on one side.

Versatility in Application

Combined Solutions: Micropile Shouldercaps can be seamlessly combined with SuperNails to provide lateral support, offering a versatile approach to diverse geotechnical challenges.

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