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Access Limited is transforming the way difficult terrains are navigated with our Spider Excavator Drilling solutions. Our cutting-edge technology enables efficient operation in challenging environments, while prioritizing minimal environmental impact.

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About Spider Excavator Drilling Services

Spider Excavator Drilling Services symbolize a revolution in excavation, no terrain too steep or inaccessible for these highly specialized machines. Trained to handle any challenging terrain, our operators utilize this unparalleled technology for a variety of excavation tasks, mastering the art of terrain negotiation.

Understanding Spider Excavators marks the advent of a new age in excavation. They effortlessly navigate hard-to-reach areas, preserving the integrity of natural environments. At Access Limited, we bring this innovative drilling revolution to your projects, no matter the complexity of the terrain.

What is a Spider Excavator?

Efficient and versatile, Spider Excavators are unique machinery enabling navigation in particularly challenging terrains. Bestowing an advantage over other machinery, their four independently-operating legs mimic a 'spider-like' motion, overcoming numerous terrain obstacles with minimal environmental impact.

Spider Excavators redefine access to difficult terrains. They provide unmatched ability to encounter hardships of steep, muddy, snowy, or rocky terrain, even moving soundly around five feet deep water. Any traditional machinery pales in comparison.

These specialty pieces of all-terrain equipment play a crucial role in several projects. From power pole excavations to right-of-way clearings and rocky terrain protection, Spider Excavators have shown their prowess, making them an essential choice for difficult terrain projects.

Advantages of Spider Excavator Drilling Services

Spider Excavator Drilling Services offer an efficient method to work on difficult terrains with minimum environmental impacts. With our fully trained operators and advanced equipment, we ensure your project runs smoothly and safely.

Effective solution for working on steep slopes and difficult terrains

Minimized environmental impacts with the use of biodegradable hydraulic fluids, engine oil, and grease

Specialized training and professional expertise for safe and efficient operations

Fast and prompt response for emergency situations

Tailor-made solutions to meet your specific project needs

Capabilities of Spider Excavator Drilling

Spider excavators effectively conquer diverse terrains, performing tasks like power pole installation, right-of-way clearing, steep slope excavation, and rockfall protection even under extreme inclines of up to 60 degrees.

The advent of spider excavator drilling has transformed construction practices, introducing an efficient and versatile tool capable of accessing terrain that was previously out of reach, while minimizing the environmental impact.

With our spider excavator drilling mastery, we transform the complex process of power pole excavation into a smooth operation. Our revolutionary approach enables efficient power pole installations on inaccessible terrains previously deemed impossible.

  • Enables access to difficult terrains for power pole installation
  • Smoother and faster excavation process
  • Reduces the need for crew hiking or road-building
  • Provides precise installation in hard-to-reach areas
  • Ensures safety of crew and integrity of installation process
  • Minimal environmental impact during installation

Our Spider Excavator right-of-way clearing allows for critical access, even in challenging terrains. Harnessing the impressive capabilities of spider excavators, we hurdle terrain obstacles, ensuring that right-of-way is made available in a swift and efficient manner.

  • Ability to negotiate extreme slopes
  • Balancing work effectively in varying terrains
  • Clearing rocky or wooded right-of-way paths
  • Minimum impact on the environment due to biodegradable fluids

Taking excavation to unprecedented heights, our spider excavators showcase extraordinary capability on steep slopes. With the ability to operate on challenging gradients up to 60 degrees, every job is surmountable.

Witness the power of unstoppable steep slope excavation through the lens of our spider excavators. Tailored to your project needs and manned by experienced operators, even the steepest slopes pose no barrier to progress.

To offer robust protection against rockfalls, our spider excavators play a pivotal role. The machines adeptly install SuperNails, SuperMicropiles, rock bolts, and tension anchors even on terrains sloping up to 50 degrees, ensuring your site's integrity.

Addressing rockfall dangers enhances your site's safety. With our experienced operators at the helm of spider excavators, strategic and accurate decisions are made to counter potential rockfall threats, substantially bolstering your project's safety.

Tailored Spider Excavator Solutions

Access Limited provides tailored solutions by adapting our top-of-the-line fleet of spider excavators to meet the distinct requirements of your site, ensuring efficient and effective operations.

Our expertise lies in customizing spider excavators to surmount project challenges, offering a unique blend of flexibility and power to conquer most daunting terrains.

Low Impact Spider Excavators

Harness the power of our low-impact spider excavators designed to tread lightly on the environment. These machines use biodegradable hydraulic fluid, engine oil, and grease, significantly reducing ecological footprint.

Our low-impact spider excavators are a testament to our dedication to sustainable excavation. With their independently operating legs, they minimize terrain damage while tackling difficult access areas with ease.

Spider excavators from Access Limited don't just excel at challenging terrains. They put the 'green' in our green commitment, offering a solution for projects requiring high productivity and minimal environmental impact.

Spider Excavators for Challenging Slopes

Embracing difficult landscapes with our spider excavators erases the complexity of the field. Their ability to navigate precipitous lands, cross streams, and penetrate marshes establishes them as the ultimate choice for projects in challenging terrains.

Our spider excavators truly come into their own on hostile terrains. Whether it's plunging slopes or marshlands, these maestros of the ground effortlessly traverse to get the job done efficiently and on time.

With the largest fleet of spider excavators in the United States, no terrain is out of reach for us. Our excavators seize challenging landscapes and turn them into golden opportunities for your construction or restoration projects.

Safety and Productivity

Spider excavators provide optimal onsite efficiency and protection, reducing project risks. Their advanced features contribute significantly towards project success on challenging terrains.

With exceptional safety training programs and a robust fleet, spider excavators enhance onsite productivity while maintaining strict safety protocols. Experience the difference a walking excavator makes in safely accelerating project timelines.

SPRAT Training Program

  • Unveiling the Strengths of SPRAT: Focused on equipping our operators with the highest level of skill, our comprehensive SPRAT program aids in honing advanced spider excavator competencies.
  • Cultivating Expertise: Our custom SPRAT training program, the only of its kind in the U.S., creates real-life scenarios for in-depth, practical learning, fostering a team of proficient and safety-conscious operators.

Experienced and Professional Operators

Our operators, veterans in spider excavator handling, consistently meet and exceed industry standards. Their unparalleled expertise allows them to navigate complex terrains swiftly and effectively.

Armed with years of hands-on experience, our seasoned spider excavator operators utilize their proficiency to complete your projects with unmatched precision and speed.

Experience Unmatched Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility with Spider Excavator Drilling Solutions

Are you in need of efficient and environmentally responsible solutions for drilling in difficult terrains? Look no further than Access Limited. Our Spider Excavator Drilling technology revolutionizes the way challenging terrains are navigated, allowing for seamless operation without compromising on environmental impact. Contact us today to experience unmatched efficiency and expertise in tackling your drilling projects.


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