Ground Improvement

Ground Improvement Solutions for Enhanced Stability

Welcome to Access Limited's comprehensive guide on ground improvement, a vital facet of geotechnical engineering designed to fortify soil and mitigate geohazards. In the face of risks like sinkholes and unstable foundations, our techniques are pivotal in ensuring the stability and longevity of your construction projects.


What is Ground Improvement?

Ground improvement refers to the set of techniques and methods employed by Access Limited to enhance the engineering properties of soil, providing a solid foundation for structures. By addressing soil weaknesses and instability, our solutions ensure the safety and longevity of constructions in areas prone to geohazards.

Benefits of Ground Improvement

Our ground improvement methods reinforce the soil, reducing the risk of settlement and subsidence.

Improved soil strength, courtesy of Access Limited, allows for higher loads, enabling the construction of larger and more complex structures.

Access Limited's ground improvement helps counteract the effects of geohazards, such as sinkholes and unstable foundations.

By preventing potential damages and avoiding costly repairs, Access Limited's ground improvement proves to be a cost-effective investment in the long run.

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Ground Improvement Methods

Invest in the expertise of Access Limited for ground improvement – a proactive step toward ensuring the safety and longevity of your construction projects. Explore our detailed guides on each ground improvement method to understand their applications and benefits. Don't let geohazards compromise your structures – fortify your foundation with Access Limited's effective techniques.

Sinkhole Repair

Sinkholes can pose a severe threat to structures. Access Limited's sinkhole repair involves various techniques such as grouting, compaction grouting, and stone column installation to stabilize the ground and prevent further sinkhole formation.


Micropiles are slender, high-capacity piles used to reinforce soil and provide structural support, particularly in areas with challenging soil conditions.

Foundation Underpinning

Foundation underpinning strengthens existing foundations compromised due to settling or other issues by extending the foundation to more stable soil layers.

Foundation Support

Foundation support methods include the use of deep foundations such as piles and piers to transfer loads from the structure to deeper, more stable soil layers, ensuring stability and integrity.


Access Limited employs various grouting types.

Compaction Grouting

This technique involves injecting a stiff mortar into the soil, compacting and displacing surrounding soil to improve its strength.

Slurry Grouting

In slurry grouting, a fluid mixture is injected into the soil, filling voids and stabilizing loose or unconsolidated materials.

Permeation Grouting

Access Limited uses permeation grouting to create a solid, impermeable mass by injecting low-viscosity grout into the soil, enhancing its strength and reducing permeability.

Chemical Grouting

This method involves injecting chemicals into the soil to improve its engineering properties, often used to control groundwater or strengthen granular soils


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