Rockfall Mitigation

Comprehensive Rockfall Mitigation Solutions

At Access Limited, our comprehensive approach to rockfall mitigation incorporates a combination of control, containment, debris flow mitigation, and scaling measures. By addressing the unique challenges of each site, we strive to provide effective solutions that enhance safety and protect critical infrastructure.



Rockfalls pose significant risks to infrastructure, human safety, and the environment. At Access Limited, we understand the importance of implementing effective rockfall mitigation measures to minimize these risks and ensure the safety of people and property.

Rockfall Control Measures

Wire Mesh

Utilizing wire mesh systems to reinforce slopes and control the movement of loose rocks.

Draped Mesh

Implementing draped mesh systems to contain and stabilize rock masses on slopes.

Cable Net Mesh

Installing cable net mesh to provide additional support and containment for loose rocks.

Nigel Creek Bridge Abutment Stabilization - Anchored Mesh

Anchored Mesh

Using anchored mesh systems to secure rocks in place and prevent them from falling.

Rockfall Netting as Rockfall Containment Solution-min

Rockfall Netting

Employing rockfall netting to catch and contain falling rocks, reducing the risk of damage.


Containment measures are crucial for preventing rockfall debris from spreading and causing additional damage. Access Limited focuses on implementing containment strategies to confine falling rocks and debris within designated areas.

Containment Measures

Canyon Creek Flexible Barrier

Flexible Barriers

Using flexible barriers to absorb and deflect the impact of falling rocks, reducing the risk of damage.

Catch Fences

Installing catch fences to capture and control the movement of rocks, preventing them from spreading.

Boulder Breaking

Implementing boulder breaking techniques to break down large rocks and reduce the potential for debris flow initiation.

Debris Flow Mitigation

Debris flow resulting from rockfalls can have devastating consequences. Access Limited employs debris flow mitigation measures to reduce the impact of flowing debris on infrastructure and the surrounding environment.

Debris Flow Mitigation Measures

Debris Flow Barriers

Installing barriers specifically designed to intercept and contain debris flows, preventing them from reaching vulnerable locations.

Rockfall Attenuation Systems

Utilizing attenuation systems to reduce the velocity of debris flows and minimize their impact.


Scaling involves the removal of loose and potentially unstable rock material from slopes to mitigate the risk of rockfalls. Access Limited employs scaling techniques to proactively address the stability of rock masses.

Rockfall Scaling

Mechanical Scaling

Utilizing equipment such as rock scalers and excavators for the mechanical removal of loose rocks and debris from slopes.

Rock Blasting

Using controlled blasting techniques to dislodge and remove unstable rock masses, enhancing slope stability.

Manual Scaling

Using skilled personnel equipped with hand tools to manually remove loose rocks and assess slope stability.

Remote Scaling

Employing remote-controlled equipment to safely remove loose rocks from challenging or hazardous areas.


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