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Our commitment is meeting our customers' evolving demands, guaranteeing confidence, adaptability, and execution bringing together over 100 years of steep slope expertise. With the largest fleet of spider excavators in North America, unmatched rockfall mitigation mastery, and the industry's broadest range of services, the work we do is a testament to the spirit of innovation, the power of collaboration, and our drive for excellence. We are committed to providing our clients with the best value and responding to their needs around the clock. We aim to make roadways and infrastructure safe for the public, alleviating harm and fear by designing and fixing geohazard issues. With our resources and capabilities, we're determined to improve safety in every area that procures our services.




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Geohazard Excellence Across Industries with Access Limited

At Access Limited, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge technologies and services designed to mitigate and manage geohazards effectively. Our commitment to excellence has positioned us as a leading provider of geohazard solutions , addressing unique challenges and ensuring the safety and stability of critical infrastructure. Access Limited’s innovation and work ethic are now deployed in the Transportation, Rail, Commercial, Power, Mining, Water Infrastructure, and Pipeline markets.

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Access Limited Solutions for Infrastructure Stability

Access Limited provides a comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at addressing diverse challenges in the fields of geotechnical and civil engineering. Our Rockfall Mitigation services employ cutting-edge techniques to safeguard against potential rockfall hazards, ensuring the safety of infrastructure and the surrounding environment. Steep Slope Drilling expertise enables us to navigate challenging terrains, facilitating efficient and precise foundation installations. Power Industry Solutions cater to the unique needs of energy infrastructure projects, offering specialized engineering services. Slope Stabilization and Retaining Wall Repairs ensure the longevity and stability of structures on uneven landscapes. Ground Improvement techniques optimize soil conditions, enhancing the performance of foundations. Additionally, our Emergency Work services provide rapid and effective responses to unforeseen issues, showcasing our commitment to reliability and client satisfaction. Access Limited stands as a trusted partner, delivering tailored solutions for a wide range of geotechnical challenges.

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Access Limited Solutions Redefining Accessibility

At Access Limited, expertise meets innovation in geohazard mitigation. Our focus is on prioritizing safety and enhancing infrastructure with optimized solutions. As the top steep slope firm in the United States, we specialize in emergency landslide repairs, rockfall mitigation, and grouting.

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If you are interested in a no-obligation site visit to determine if our services fit your geohazard mitigation needs, call us at 805.727.4310 or fill out our contact form.


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    How Can We Help?

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    How Can We Help?

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