Route 600 Rockfall Emergency

Access Limited was called on to provide emergency rockfall mitigation services at Route 600 Rockslide in Virginia. The event occurred in January 2023 and rock accumulated within the travel lanes of Route 600.

Our skilled rockfall mitigation technicians conducted safety scaling and vegetation removal from the slope and devised a solution utilizing a rope harness system, scaling bars, airbags, and rock mass removal.

The geology at the site is comprised of interbedded shale and limestone of variable thicknesses, highly folded and overturned within the limits of the existing project. The rockfall was controlled primarily by the bedding and joints on the east end of the cut and by differential weathering of the soft units on the west end of the cut. A large overhang and evidence by dilated joints that the existing rock mass mobilized on the east end of the cut.

Rockfall Scaling and Public Safety

Rockfall scaling is a common technique used in rockfall mitigation.  Learn about this process to reduce the risk of rocks falling onto roads, buildings, or people. It is a technique used to remove loose rocks and boulders from steep slopes or cliff faces to reduce the risk of rockfall.

Rock scaling involves identifying loose rocks and boulders on a slope or cliff face and removing them using manual or mechanical techniques. This process can help to reduce the risk of rockfall by stabilizing the remaining rocks and boulders on the slope or cliff face.

Rockfall Assessment/Analysis/Design

Our Rockfall Mitigation team is committed to responding within 24 hours after receiving a notification call. Then utilizing the latest technology, including UAVs and 3-D Photogrammetry, our personnel will evaluate a site objectively and recommend the best approaches for remediation, even if they don’t include our proprietary equipment or technologies. This philosophy assures our clients that we will address every rockfall event with a context-sensitive solution designed specifically for a given site.

At Access Limited we offer a range of rock scaling techniques to meet the unique needs and challenges of every project. Our services include:

  • Manual scaling: Our skilled RRTs utilize scaling bars, airbags, or hydraulic jacks to manually remove loose rock and debris from cliffs and slopes.
  • Mechanical scaling: Our team utilizes specialized machinery to remove loose rock and debris from cliffs and slopes, including rock drills and excavators.
  • Remote scaling: Our team utilizes cutting-edge technology, such as drones or robotic equipment, to access and remove loose rock and debris from difficult-to-reach areas.
  • Blasting: We offer blasting capabilities, including the innovative Autostem technology, to remove loose rock and debris and enhance safety and infrastructure stability.