GeoStabilization International® Assists in Virginia’s Natural Bridge Assessment

Tim Newberg, GeoStabilization Superintendent, led the effort to install vibration sensors during a structural study’s final phase investigating the Natural Bridge in Rockbridge County.  These sensors will gauge the impact of traffic proceeding across the bridge’s natural limestone formation.  GeoStabilization is a participant in the on-going geological testing, led by Dr. Chester “Skip” Watts, professor of Geology at Radford University.  The Natural Bridge investigation is being performed in conjunction with a VDOT transportation and mobility study of US Route 11.  The collected data from various testing methods including GPR, LiDAR, Unmanned Aerial Surveys, Seismic Reflection/Refraction, and Vibration Monitoring will be analyzed and used to establish a long-range plan for the Natural Bridge’s long-term preservation.

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