Veteran Hiring

Veteran Hiring

GeoStabilization’s working environment can often be intense. Mitigating active geohazards in remote locations – and on tight schedules – requires a unique level of commitment. Frequent travel, strong leadership skills, and a decisive mindset are needed. It’s challenging to find candidates fitting this profile in today’s talent pool. Fortunately, there is one group of candidates that almost always fits the bill – America’s Military Veterans. “We’ve seen firsthand that some of our most successful employees are Military Veterans,” Chris Harris, GeoStabilization’s Corporate Recruiter, states. “The qualities we look for in our applicants are not easy to find, and the nature of our work requires people who won’t cave under pressure. This is why we first instituted our ‘Veterans First’ hiring policy a few years back and attend military recruiting fairs as part of our outreach efforts.”

The nature of GeoStabilization’s work requires that every employee performs their specific duties in a precise and unified manner, while always keeping the safety of their teammates as their top priority. It also requires the intuitive understanding that being a good leader can also mean being a good follower. These are the same qualities that are forged in the military’s environment, and they translate well at GeoStabilization. Once onboard, our on-going training provides all employees with the skills that allow them to be successful in our industry. We actively recruit veterans as Soil, Rockfall, and Grouting Technicians; as well as shop and field-based heavy equipment mechanics.

If you enjoy working in a fast-paced, high-impact, and collaborative environment using new and innovative technologies, visit our careers page to view all current openings and apply. Ideal candidates would enjoy travel, flourish as independent and decisive problem-solvers, and share our passion for integrity, safety, and excellence.

Featured Employees

Andrew Ferguson, P.E., Mountain & Pacific Regional Engineer
Andrew Ferguson
P.E., Mountain & Pacific Regional Engineer
Bob Barrett, P.G., Founder & Advisory Board
Bob Barrett
P.G., Founder & Advisory Board
Christopher Calhoun, M.E., P.E., South Central Regional Engineer
Christopher Calhoun
M.E., P.E., South Central Regional Engineer

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