Summer Internship Program

Summer Internship Program

GeoStabilization’s passion is to develop and install innovative solutions that protect people and infrastructure from the dangers of geohazards. An intense and exciting opportunity, we’ve hosted primarily geotechnical and civil engineering college students since 2011 in our summer internship program.

Highly competitive with an application process that is quite rigorous, our historical 5% acceptance rate means that getting into GeoStabilization International®’s internship program is more competitive than being admitted to the freshman class at Princeton or Harvard. This career-making opportunity has each participant traveling around the country to different job sites and gleaning an understanding of real-time design-build contracting in the geotechnical, civil engineering field. Our interns are designated a mentor who assigns them technical projects, monitors their progress, and gives them feedback on their efforts. The interns hired for these positions should expect to learn all facets of geohazard mitigation and will leave with invaluable hands-on based skills as well as geotechnical industry knowledge. These are paid internships with all travel expenses covered by GeoStabilization. Best of all, we have hired many of our past participants on a full-time basis after completion of their studies.

Want to learn more about the program?

Interested participants should contact Chris Harris at 970-773-1661 or for the upcoming selection process.

Featured Employees

Justin D. Petersen, P.E., Project Development Engineer
Justin D. Petersen
P.E., Project Development Engineer
Jordan Richey, M.S., Project Manager
Jordan Richey
M.S., Project Manager
Jarrod Hartshorn, P.E., Project Manager
Jarrod Hartshorn
P.E., Project Manager

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