Worlds Most Ethical Companies 2019-2020

Homeowner in Colorado

I would like this to be a letter of appreciation and gratitude on a job well done. Our house was first threatened by a landslide back in June, 2017 and it has been a journey that has been both stressful and scary. And yet, every cloud has a silver lining and in this case the support, encouragement and character of everyone we met from GSI has indeed been a gift throughout this journey.

GSI was recommended by Steve Pawlak and we met Nathan Thompson early on. Nathan is a person who inspires trust and our first impression was verified throughout the process that led to a retaining system that has saved our house. As with everyone, and I mean everyone we met, we felt we had a group of people who were on our side.

There were challenges that were overcome; the patience needed along with several visits to get the project underway, a renegotiated plan and bid when the insurance settlement squeezed the payment amount, and a time crunch that led to a change in plans where the panels were poured on the hillside, that allowed for the project to be started as quickly as possible.

The crew that showed up to do the work was respectful, always ready to explain what was happening and was also timely, hard working and ready to go the extra mile. A great group of people with positive attitudes who seemed to genuinely work well together.

Watching Spike work on that excavator was awe inspiring. One of my favorite moments was filming him on my phone to show my office secretaries at the Elementary School. I recorded a “holy shit” without knowing it when he pulled off an amazing stunt coming off a ledge and then being horrified when that came out while I was sharing the video at school. I was able to laugh later.

Thank you again and if I can ever serve as a reference, please let me know.