Worlds Most Ethical Companies 2019-2020

Client in Virginia

Colby, I wanted to send a note of thanks for excellent work on our project. It was clear that our staff was not going to be able to handle the difficulty of this problem. From day one, Perry Kairis’ calm and confident demeanor to the excellence in construction of Zech Moriarty and Larry Grant made this a successful project. This goes without saying for the folks behind the scene. This was my first job working with Perry, but appreciated his assistance when many people were looking at me for solutions. He provided this in an understandable form others could follow. I have worked with Zech before, and honestly took him for granted. I came to see him as “tough as nails,” the last time I worked with him, and he set the standard for me. I found age has not softened him up much, and was steadfast to the goal. At the same time, he would take a moment and keep me informed with what was occurring. I again appreciated him, and was saddened to hear when he was moving from our job. I did question Larry when he began, and for no other reason other than he was an unknown, but quickly realized he was talented in his work. He was also tough and skilled with an infectious smile to boot when asked questions about the work. I realize this is tough work, and was shocked to hear this was his first official job running the operation. With that said, I wanted to commend your company for its work, but tip my hat to this employee, he did well. Keep up the good work, I am sure the earth will keep moving, so expect to work with you again. Thanks.