Worlds Most Ethical Companies 2019-2020

Client in Minnesota

Just wanted to say that somehow your workers/artists took an ugly and scarred piece of this earth and turned it into a very pleasing and contoured piece of this earth. It looks incredible!! The fellows were all so nice and just wonderful to us. They worked so hard and were always hear early…….no goofing off…. just working. My husband suffered a traumatic brain injury in early 2012 and it has been a rough couple of years. He is almost completely healed. There were many tears and a lot of frustration. Seeing this project and the amazing workmanship put into it has really put a smile on our face. We thank your fathers for getting this company up and running. We thank you and Tim for keeping it running. Your company made a difference in our life and one we will not soon forget. It is easy to say thanks…it is hard to put into words…. but know that our thank you comes from the heart!!!