Worlds Most Ethical Companies 2019-2020

Client in Maryland

I had the perfect start to Veteran’s Day. Maryland State government is off today in recognition of Veteran’s Day, so I am fortunate to be one of the veterans lucky enough to be recognized by and attending my daughter’s High School Veteran’s Day Ceremonies. Being off is not what I am referring to that has made the start of my day perfect, it was the email message from GSI about Veteran’s Day. I knew the work at GSI took dedication and integrity of a team, but now that I see why your company is so successful – with a great mission, an honorable and effective recruiting, hiring, and training philosophy, and you have found a great non-profit organization to support, The Mission Continues. Thank you to GSI for your support of Maryland SHA and to your Veteran’s on this day that the great nation, the United States of America, has set aside to recognized you!