Worlds Most Ethical Companies 2019-2020

Client in Georgia

Mr. Aguirre, I want to personally thank you for all the effort you and your crew on site at [the quarry] did for me. You were very accommodating. Special point needs to be given to GSI’s safety program and its employees for following them strictly. I would honestly say that your organization is one of the top in safety that I have seen in every rope access industry. Please give a couple extra kudos to Fred and Courtney for putting up with me and observing me in order to keep me out of harm’s way. There is no doubt I slowed down their progress. I wish I could remember the whole crews name for they all deserve praise for the jobs that they do. After only two half days of peeling rock, my back is killing me from pushing that bar around. This is a really hard and dirty job (not to copy Rowe) and its workers deserve the utmost respect from the rope access community. I seriously believe you have one of the nastiest. Right up there with the oil industry. This time spent observing and hands on gave me a plethora of information and understanding. I, of course need to see a few other aspects of your industry, not limited to, but to include: drilling (especially horizontally), rigging and lifting (cranes, helicopters, etc.), explosives, and installations of the final products. I hope that with your efforts and others in your industry we can accomplish this soon. In conclusion, thank you again for all your hard work.