GeoStabilization’s Founders and their Soil Nail Launcher™ honored by Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) with the C. William Bermingham Innovation Award

Soil Nail LauncherGeoStabilization International® founders, Al Ruckman and Bob Barrett are the recipients of the prestigious C. William Bermingham Innovation Award for 2018. The Deep Foundations Institute is honoring the duo for “contributing to the advancement of the deep foundations industry” with the Soil Nail Launcher™. Originally developed by the British military to launch chemical weapons, the Soil Nail Launcher™ is a compressed air cannon that can accelerate a 1.5-inch diameter, 20-foot-long steel or fiberglass tube to 250 miles per hour in a single shot.

Al and Bob’s creation, GeoStabilization International®, is now a leading geohazard mitigation firm operating throughout the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. Today, GeoStabilization International® employs more than 400 geohazard mitigation experts and has successfully completed more than 3,300 projects throughout North America and New Zealand. In addition, seeing the opportunity to provide solutions for other geohazards, the company expanded their services to include Rockfall Mitigation, Grouting, and Bridge construction/rehabilitation. Including the original Soil Nail Launcher™, Al and Bob currently own 11 different patents for innovations which continue to positively impact the work of GeoStabilization International®, the industry—and most importantly—countless lives of traveling citizens.

Al and Bob’s level of dedication and their passion for “getting the job done right” have been instrumental to our company’s success. Their innovative approach to geohazard mitigation has saved state and local governments millions in taxpayer dollars while safeguarding the traveling public. A truly distinguished feat and a legacy that is most deserving of recognition.

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