GeoStabilization International® Provides Foundation Support to Telluride Project

When Finbro Construction required a temporary shoring solution in historical Telluride, Colorado, it chose GeoStabilization to design and construct a micropile shoring solution for the town’s Southwest Corner Project. Located adjacent to the historical Transfer Warehouse structure, Finbro’s project required a zero lot-line shoring system to prevent damage to the Transfer Warehouse’s remaining walls.

Historical significance of the warehouse is detailed in the following Architectural Inventory Form:

“Built in 1906, the Telluride Transfer Company Warehouse is an imposing, two-story, sandstone structure located at the southwest corner of Pacific Avenue and Fir Street in Telluride, Colorado. The building served as the livery barn, warehouse, and office for the Telluride Transfer Company until the 1950s, and has been allowed to slowly deteriorate since that time. The building remained in use as commercial storage and as a filling station until 1978. Its roof collapsed in the spring of 1979.”

The temporary micropile shoring system included 190 LF along the West side of the project, 150 LF along the East, and 118 LF along the north to support the 14’ tall excavation that was completed 6 horizontal feet from the Transfer Warehouse structure. GeoStabilization’s time-tested method of utilizing reticulated micropiles in the shoring designs allows the system to be constructed directly adjacent to the property boundary; permitting the client to maximize the property’s available footprint for construction.

“This project is right in our wheelhouse and one of many that we’ve partnered with Finbro to provide innovative shoring for foundation construction”, stated Cameron Lobato, GeoStabilization’s Western Division Director. “Werner Catsman runs an excellent company and we share the same values of “Always Doing the Right Thing” for the customer and “Producing Excellent Work at All Times”. GeoStabilization enjoys working with general contractors of his caliber – the jobs turn out great and the customer receives a superior value.”

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