GeoStabilization International Boosts Productivity, Efficiency and Safety In Railway Repair

COMMERCE CITY, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2023 U.S. freight railroads move an estimated 1.6 billion tons across nearly 140,000 miles of track annually – making it the most fuel-efficient manner to move freight across land. Rail freight transport, however, is only as safe and effective as the tracks traveled across. Today, GeoStabilization International, the leading geohazard mitigation firm in the U.S., is increasing efficiencies and sustainability in track repair with the launch of the newest RailJET® Subgrade Stabilization System.

Railroad track stabilization is crucial for the safe and efficient movement of trains. The RailJET makes it possible to effectively complete stabilization and repair work on remote and difficult-to-access railways. High mobility and rapid installations mean that track closures are minimized or eliminated during shallow landslide repairs. Trains can run their tracks on schedule, and the repair often costs half of more traditional repairs such as caissons, piling and retaining walls.

“We entered the rail industry to help remediate geohazards that cause unpredictable disruption to railroad services. The RailJET redefined our work by allowing us to mobilize via rail-bound equipment quickly and safely to active track locations, complete treatment work and return to a tie-up location,” said Kyle Guenther, Director of Railroad Services, GeoStabilization International. “With our newest RailJET upgrades, we’re raising the bar again through increased efficiency, capacity, crew safety and maneuverability.”

Advantage Through Innovation

Explicitly intended for railroad soft-subgrade soil stabilization, the proprietary RailJET system uses a modified jet grouting process to improve subgrade integrity below the mainline track, super-elevated curves, bridge approaches, rail yards and specialty track work. A hydrodynamic mix-in-place system allows grout to be delivered on demand with no waste or spoiled mess to clean up during or after treatment.

The Hi-Rail mounted system is self-contained, making it ideal for limited-access areas and where track windows are tight, as no additional equipment is needed. Being self-contained also allows quick deployment on and off the track, reduces cement costs and increases jobsite flexibility. The RailJET provides a stable platform for railroad loading, increasing infrastructure longevity, reducing long-term maintenance costs, and providing protection from the potential dangers and damage of soft subgrade geohazards.

The new RailJET enhancements further boost jobsite productivity and decrease track downtime. A new two-truck system allows trucks to be driven directly onto the rail system, eliminating the need for a trailer, and increasing maneuverability ease in limited-access sites. A capacity increase of 50 percent provides the ability to hold cement and water for up to 6 hours before re-filling, decreasing equipment and crew downtime. An upgraded RailJET mast can now pivot in and out for easier alignment with rail positions especially in switch and diamond locations.

The RailJET meets and exceeds all railway compliance requirements and improves crew safety through 1200-lumen work lights, including a yellow-flashing light, and a new fold-out catwalk with an expanded load capacity of 1,000 lbs. Newly engineered equipment spacing provides easier equipment cleanout, increasing safety and productivity. Additionally, the upgraded design eliminates the need for an extra engine or generator – increasing on-site and long-term sustainability with limited environmental impact.

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About GeoStabilization International®

GeoStabilization International® is the leading geohazard mitigation firm operating throughout the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. GeoStabilization specializes in emergency slope stabilization and landslide repair, rockfall mitigation, grouting, and micropiles using design/build contracting. GeoStabilization International’s team includes some of the brightest and most dedicated professionals in the geohazard mitigation industry. Their expertise, proprietary tools, and worldwide partnerships allow them to repair virtually any slope stability or foundation problem in any geologic setting. Please visit our website for more information

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