Farewell to our Summer Interns

Intern Elizabeth Alt
Intern Elizabeth Alt

For the past several years, GeoStabilization has hosted summer interns in our highly competitive program. With a rigorous application process, our historical 5% acceptance rate means that getting into GeoStabilization International’s internship program is more competitive than being admitted to the freshman class at Harvard University. All internship positions are paid assignments that allow interns to travel to job sites across the continent to get a first-hand understanding of design-build geotechnical contracting. Each intern is designated a mentor who assigns them technical projects, monitors their progress, and gives them feedback on their efforts.

Intern Class 2018

This year’s participants were:

From left to right: Moeez Kahn, Texas A&M; Ian Davis, Iowa State University; Ariel Rickel, Colorado School of Mines; Treven Hembree, Montana State; Brooklan Davis, Missouri S&T; Hannah Pauling, Colorado School of Mines; Abby Hanich, Montana Tech; Ellie Alt, Missouri S&T; Ian Gates, Arkansas State; Jordan Crane, Wyoming (Not pictured: Sam Bryant, Missouri S&T & Pierre Rouaud, Georgia Tech)

Interested participants for next year’s selection process should apply here.

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