Emergency Landslide Repair in Cincinnati, Ohio

In early May, a developer in the Mount Adams area of Cincinnati began cutting into a slope’s base to extend an existing gravity wall. Within a week, the entire slope began moving; causing debris to impact two houses below the slope. The houses above the gravity wall were also threatened with slope movement of up to 4 inches per day. Details are contained in this news clip.

When the developer was given 24 hours to provide a plan to fix the problem, they contacted GeoStabilization International. Our engineers immediately responded, mobilized to the site, and developed a design/build solution which consisted of an upper and lower soil nail & hybrid micropile wall. Within days, our crews were on site and began stabilizing the slope with our specialized equipment. GeoStabilization’s emergency design/build response capabilities saved the hillside, and the houses above and below. The developer, the City, and most importantly, the impacted local residents, were very pleased with the speed, safety, and effectiveness of the repair.

Original and Worsening Conditions:


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