Do You Tough Mudder?

Every June, GeoStabilization gathers its engineers and incoming summer interns for our “Engineer’s Week.” Over six days, our project development, project, regional, and specialty engineers review engineering aspects and technical solutions for our rockfall mitigation, slope stabilization, and grouting & foundations projects. It’s a time to review past practices, learn new methods, get introduced to new equipment, and absorb new concepts. This year’s event was held in Richmond, Virginia.
Knowing that most GeoStabilization employees are both health conscious and enjoy a challenge of any sort, organizers for this year’s Engineering Week wanted to couple a team building event with physical activities. They chose a nearby “Tough Mudder” event to meet those goals.

For those uninitiated, Tough Mudder is 10+ miles of mud and more than 20 obstacles designed to drag every participant out of their comfort zone ( With no podiums, winners, or clocks to race against, Tough Mudder isn’t about how fast one can cross the finish line – it’s about pushing yourself. It’s about teamwork, camaraderie, and accomplishing something extraordinary. Recognizing that the strength of one person is nothing compared to the power of a team, Tough Mudder’s mantra fit well with GeoStabilization’s view of repairing the most difficult of geohazards.

Our team this year consisted of 21 executive team members, engineers, operations personnel, and our new interns. To say it was tough just doesn’t get it right. It was uplifting, exhausting, difficult and 100% of us finished like we started – as a team. Below are some photos from the Tough Mudder.

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