Another Successful Annual Meeting

In late January, GeoStabilization hosted its annual meeting in Austin, Texas. Each attendee participated in more than 40 hours of intense, comprehensive, and relevant training. Now in its 9th year, the Annual Meeting is a time during which GeoStabilization ceases all non-emergency field operations and devotes all company resources to exclusively focus on training. This allows an intense emphasis on our company culture, core values, ethics policies, safety plans, equipment operation, repair procedures, and other relevant topics. Industry experts are brought in to assist in the training so employees can take a new level of expertise back to their project sites at the end of the week.

“We are in our 9th year of annual safety meetings with our first one held in 2009 at the Clarion Hotel in Grand Junction. This annual event is extremely important to our company and its operations. It is our duty to get these guys in here and make sure that they know how to do their jobs correctly, safely, and in accordance with our core values,” said Kim Ruckman-Wright, GSI’s Chief Culture Officer. “We are all a family, and I want to make sure that we train and take care of that family, which allows us to better serve our clients. We work all over the continent and travel a lot. It’s important to get everyone together to strengthen our company culture, and formal training is a huge part of that.”

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