Advanced Scaling Techniques

Rockfall ScalingSuperintendent Kyle Shea and his rope access crew use advanced scaling techniques to remove unstable rock formations, which reduces the danger of rockfall to the traveling public below.

Like all our geohazard work, scaling cliffs to mitigate rockfall hazards doesn’t come without risk. It’s why safety is a core value in everything we do, why we use the best safety equipment, why we check/retire our safety equipment on a routine schedule, why all of our Rockfall Remediation Technicians are trained and certified using SPRAT, IRATA, or PCIA, and why we use a two-rope system. We’re proud of our team’s commitment to continuously put safety front and center, especially when it comes to rope access.

GeoStabilization’s Rope Access Program received the Association of Geohazard Professionals’ inaugural recognition as a geohazard industry best-in-class safety program. Our scaling services include Manual, Mechanical, and Remote Scaling along with Blasting capabilities.

Watch the video below to see the incredible results of the work of our Geohazard Mitigation Experts:

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