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Failing Retaining Wall Stabilization

Failing Retaining Wall Stabilization

GeoStabilization International was called after Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls constructed very close to occupied high end condominiums began experiencing major elements of distress.  There was movement of the MSE walls, cracks in the blocks and loss of granular material through the face.  A local structural engineering firm concluded that a structural repair of the entire perimeter wall was needed.  The owner selected GeoStabilization International to stabilize the wall utilizing specialty, limited-access equipment.

Our team provided design/build/warranty services to permanently stabilize the failed and failing retaining walls using high capacity soil nails with lengths up to 45-ft in multiple rows throughout the existing wall. The soil nail ends were left protruding through the wall to provide anchorage points to attach oversized galvanized steel plates. In areas where the wall had completely failed, steel reinforced shotcrete was anchored to the soil nails ends and the blocks were restacked to match the existing wall height and geometry.

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Robert Huber, Project Engineer 1
Robert Huber
Project Engineer 1
Bob Barrett, P.G., Founder & Advisory Board
Bob Barrett
P.G., Founder & Advisory Board
Brett Gustafson, Pacific Region Operations Manager
Brett Gustafson
Pacific Region Operations Manager

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