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Residential Retaining Wall

Residential Retaining Wall

GeoStabilization designed and installed an emergency retaining wall repair system consisting of a Value Engineered soil nail and shotcrete wall with a geologic sculpted shotcrete finish.

GeoStabilization replaced the approximate 47 LF section of wall that failed with a Geosynthetic Confined Soil (GCS) Wall using 1.5”x1.5”x10’ galvanized wire baskets. The wire baskets were supported on a Micropile foundation system. A micropile cap was formed at the bottom to support the GCS wall.

We provided a permanent soil nail wall for up to 3,032 SF with a maximum wall height of 20 FT. GSI drilled 4” diameter holes, threaded rod and hollow bar soil nails, drainage strips, plain steel reinforcing, steel plates, 4” initial shotcrete facing, secondary plain steel reinforcing, and 6”thick structural shotcrete facing with an additional 2” to 3” thick layer for the geologic finish. A 2” flash coat of shotcrete was applied to the entire limits of the wall prior to construction in order to stabilize the wall face during installation of the soil nails. The Shotcrete surface was extend over the previously constructed GCS Basket Wall to achieve a uniform architectural facing.

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Nathan Beard, P.E., M.B.A., Chief Operating Officer
Nathan Beard
P.E., M.B.A., Chief Operating Officer
Bob Hollinger, Railjet Operations Manager
Bob Hollinger
Railjet Operations Manager
Frank Amend, P.E., Project Development Support Manager
Frank Amend
P.E., Project Development Support Manager

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