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Red Rocks Amphitheatre Rockfall Mitigation

Red Rocks Amphitheatre Rockfall Mitigation

Red Rocks Amphitheatre opened in 1941 and is renowned for its beauty and acoustics. The open-air venue boasts two 300-ft. monoliths — Ship Rock and Creation Rock — that provide acoustic perfection for live performances. GeoStabilization International is proud to partner with the City and County of Denver to perform periodic rockfall mitigation and maintain an inventory of rockfall hazards at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

GeoStabilization staff inspect the rock features multiple times a year with UAVs and on-slope rope access technicians, documenting changes to rockfall hazards and developing mitigation solutions when appropriate. The rockfall hazard inventory is updated and referenced to a three-dimensional model developed from UAV-collected photogrammetry data (pictured below). The 3D model allows for clear communication of hazards and mitigation plans among GeoStabilization, the Owner, and other stakeholders. This visual communication aide is critically important for features that are difficult to access and view from ground-level, and for a site with such important context-sensitive aesthetic requirements.

Working at Red Rocks Amphitheatre requires close coordination with the City, facility staff, natural resource and wildlife personnel, and the public, who attend in great numbers to enjoy the scenery and recreation. GeoStabilization appreciates the opportunity to provide our expertise in maintaining public safety at such an important and historic location.

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