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Mine Grouting Service and Sinkhole Remediation

Mine Grouting Service and Sinkhole Remediation

GeoStabilization provides design-build geohazard remediation repairs including geophysical survey and assessments of discovered underground voids and sinkholes. Repair methods may include stabilizing and halting any retrogression and expansion of an existing sinkhole. Repair methods may consist of grouting – cementitious backfill into the sinkhole to stabilize the land and above structure(s).

Sinkhole Remediation

An expandable foam grout expands into existing cracks and crevices, bonding the detached rock together and solidifies critical areas from potential rockfalls below. This effort preserved a degrading bench from further eroding and maintaining proper catchment.

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Jennifer Crites, E.I.T., Project Manager
Jennifer Crites
E.I.T., Project Manager
Riley Windsor, Project Manager
Riley Windsor
Project Manager
Gretchen McInnes, P.E., Project Development Engineer
Gretchen McInnes
P.E., Project Development Engineer

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