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Barrick Goldrush Twin Decline

Barrick Goldrush Twin Decline

GeoStabilization was tasked with providing an alternate design/build strategy that required a rockfall protection barrier system at the base of the steep slope, the construction of a 30,750 ft2 soil nail wall, and installation of 4,200 ft2 of Geobrugg TECCO mesh. For the soil nail wall, GeoStabilization installed eight hundred and forty-six (846) each 52mm Hollow Bar Soil Nails “HBSN” totaling 51,250 linear feet. To accelerate this construction phase, GeoStabilization developed a solution that included a flexible barrier system at the crest of the retaining wall and incorporated hollow bar soil nails in the slope stabilization systems. Our optimized designmethodology allowed for improved operational efficiencies by overlapping drilling and shotcrete operations with excavation sequencing for each cut bench.

During the project, two GeoStabilization family members were recognized for their safety and leadership in written form by Barrick safety officials; during the project we received zero citations for MSHA violations.

Meet the Team

Trevor Ames, Barrick Goldrush Twin Decline
Trevor Ames
P.E., Mining Geotechnical Services Director
Jennifer Crites, Barrick Goldrush Twin Decline
Jennifer Crites
E.I.T., Project Manager
Ronald J. “Spike” Priestly, Barrick Goldrush Twin Decline
Ronald J. “Spike” Priestly
General Superintendent

Featured Employees

Colby Barrett, J.D., P.E., CEO
Colby Barrett
J.D., P.E., CEO
Bob Hollinger, Railjet Operations Manager
Bob Hollinger
Railjet Operations Manager
Chris Ruppen, P.G., Energy Services Director
Chris Ruppen
P.G., Energy Services Director

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