Compaction Grouting for Roadway Soil Densification

GeoStabilization International® delivers fully engineered solutions to protect critical transportation infrastructure from geohazards.

When disaster strikes, time is of the essence. With stockpiled materials nationwide, GeoStabilization maintains a 24-hour emergency response capacity. This enables the ability for regular maintenance and rapid emergency repairs.

Landslide Stabilization from Compaction Grouting

In one such emergency, the GeoStabilization team used compaction grouting to stabilize multiple shallow landslides above a river in one of the Mid-Atlantic states.

On the face of it, the site looked like a typical cut/cast failure with a slide plane on the bedrock/soil interface. After examining the area more carefully, however, the problem was more serious than what was originally thought.

To make space for the road, the initial contractors had blown up a section of the bedrock. The talus was then pushed to the side and covered with soil. The soil, talus, and bedrock had voids and channels throughout, connecting to the river below.

GeoStabilization’s Geotechnical Engineers Faced Two Complex Tasks:

  • Stop the movement and settlement of the roadway
  • Consolidate and densify the talus to prevent future landslides

Compaction Grouting as a Solution

GeoStabilization leveraged a combination of compaction grouting and GeoStabilization SuperNails®, proprietary lateral tensile elements.

Compaction / High-Pressure Grouting

To start, the crews used a specialty-drill rig to install vertical steel casing into the unstable roadway sections.

Then, low-mobility compaction grout was injected into the ground using high-pressure grouting. As the grout spread and hardened, it displaced and densified the surrounding talus.

A low-mobility grout was chosen because high-mobility grout would likely flow through the talus straight into the river. Low-mobility grout travels and hardens more slowly, allowing for densifying the soil without exacerbating the active landslide. Low-mobility grout is also more economical than high-mobility grout or flowfill.

GeoStabilization SuperNails ®

After grouting, the team deployed GeoStabilization’s SuperNailer™ to install a series of SuperNails® laterally into the slope to prevent further movement.

Conventional technologies, such as solid bar soil nails, cannot handle active landslides and may cause collapsing holes, active ground movement, and grout loss and migration.

To solve this problem, engineers developed and patented the GeoStabilization SuperNails®, our proprietary tensile element range and one of the best soil stabilization innovations in the industry. Unlike conventional solid bar soil nails, SuperNails® can be launched up to 120 feet deep in:

  • Soil
  • Rock
  • Soil/rock combo
  • Collapsing holes
  • Areas with voids
  • Active landslides

Looking for a Compaction Grouting and Soil Stabilization Solution That Will Stand the Test of Time?

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