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Residential Vertical Micropile Shoring

Residential Vertical Micropile Shoring

A proposed new single family home was to be constructed between two existing buildings along a city street. The structure was designed to use the maximum buildable space, three feet from property lines in all directions. It also was designed with a full basement requiring up to 13 feet of vertical excavation. Neither of the adjacent properties had a continuous footer depth equal to that of the newly proposed structure. Those challenges required the owner to seek a contractor specializing in zero-lot-line shoring methods. GeoStabilization International® was contracted to provide the excavation shoring for this site.

Although only one owner sought our services, our engineers and crews had to work closely with three additional parties in order to complete the project: The Town of Telluride and the two adjacent property owners.

The Town of Telluride owned and controlled Oak Street to the east and an alley to the west of the excavation. GeoStabilization needed to assure the Town of Telluride that we would prevent sloughing or settlement of utilities and the roadways, the shoring would not cross property lines, and we would not work from the roadway.

The building to the north was a restaurant, and the building to the south was a bank. Of course, GeoStabilization’s shoring would need to prevent settling or subsidence of either or the existing structures. Nor could it cross either of those property lines with any element of shoring. The shoring between the buildings, in its end-state, also needed to be covered with dirt or landscaping.

A vertical micropile shoring was chosen as the appropriate design-build method for this particular site; pile driving equipment was too large to access this site. Self-Drilling SuperMicropiles were used on this project. The client, the neighbor, and the Town were pleased with both the process and the results.

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Jessica Fletcher
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Keith Bender
Senior National Development Advisor
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Dan Koehmstedt
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