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Quarry Rockfall Drape Installation

Quarry Rockfall Drape Installation

A limestone quarry in Kentucky experienced rock falls near the high walls supporting its crusher facilities. Low-capacity draped mesh that had been placed in the area more than ten years ago was raveling, and large blocks were threatening not only the safety of the plant workers, but the plant facilities themselves. GeoStabilization’s rockfall team worked in conjunction with the client and the client’s consulting engineers to develop a plan to spot bolt some of the dangerous overhangs and reconstruct the draped mesh using Geobrugg’s high capacity TECCO® mesh. By using GeoStabilization’s purpose-built, limited-access wagon drills for the tight access site, our team’s price was less than half of those proposed by competing teams.

Project Photos

Meet the Team

Daniel Journeaux, Quarry Rockfall Drape Installation
Daniel Journeaux
Rockfall Director
Martin (Marty) Woodard, Quarry Rockfall Drape Installation
Martin (Marty) Woodard
Ph.D., P.G., P.E., Chief Rockfall Engineer

Featured Employees

Courtney Smith, Rockfall Estimator
Courtney Smith
Rockfall Estimator
Frank Amend, P.E., Project Development Support Manager
Frank Amend
P.E., Project Development Support Manager
Damien MacCord, Vice President Sales & Marketing
Damien MacCord
Vice President Sales & Marketing

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