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Temporary Shoring

Temporary Shoring

GeoStabilization International®‘s excavation shoring falls into three main categories:

  1. Temporary Shoring

    Launched Soil Nails can be used for temporary shoring; the application is ideal for deep cuts on congested sites. This solution uses easily-mobilized equipment and does not require extensive steel fabrication. This approach minimizes start-up time and can be faster and less expensive than traditional drilled soil nails.

    Traditional soil nailing includes a long delay for the cement in the drill holes to harden. Launched Soil Nails are effective seconds after installation. The Soil Nail Launcher can work in tandem with the primary excavation, resulting in little or no delay for the shoring activity. Shoring 5,000 square feet per day is routine with Launched Soil Nails. In cuts where groundwater is a concern, perforated steel tubes can be used for the tensile inclusions, providing myriad Launched Horizontal Drains. Dewatering can contribute significantly to the speed and safety of the excavation.

  2. Permanent Stabilization

    With minor changes to their design, Launched Soil Nails or SuperNails also can be used for permanent stabilization. Hollow, galvanized, perforated Launched Soil Nails can be pressure grouted, with an epoxy-coated inner bar installed to increase service life and corrosion protection. GeoStabilization International® has designed and installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of permanent and temporary shoring.

  3. Zero Lot-Line Shoring

    Any soil nail shoring scheme requires some room; the nails must embed themselves past the cut face to an appropriate depth. Often that requires easements and permissions from adjoining landowners, which can be time consuming and difficult to obtain. Vertical shoring, such as driven piling, can be expensive and run afoul of local noise ordinances. The solution is shoring using arrays of reticulated micropiles, which can provide an excellent economic shoring system without any easements or the problems of more conventional methods.

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