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Mine GCS® Retaining Walls

Mine GCS® Retaining Walls

GeoSynthetically Confined Soil® (GCS®) Retaining Walls, commonly known as GeoSynthetically Reinforced Soil (GRS) walls, consist of densely spaced layers of granular fill and geosynthetic reinforcement. The combination of granular backfill and tightly spaced reinforcement creates a geo-monolith; a significantly superior product in comparison of the sum of the individual components.

GCS® retaining walls provide the added load bearing strengths commonly seen in a mining environment for the added factor of safety for your long-term infrastructure and operational applications. GSI has built over 1,400 GCS® retaining walls in a variety of applications from Rockfall barrier protection systems to remote single span bridge abutments in some cases with a negative batter to allow for a wider top road overall width.

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