Worlds Most Ethical Companies 2019-2020

Mining Customer in Canada

“The entire crew was a pleasure to work with; very hard working, pleasant and polite to everyone they worked with. Both Andrew and Mike were very professional as your onsite superintendent/GF. They were punctual every day, attended the safety huddle with the surface crew every day and took part in that. Between your crew and our surface crew, they lined up the work so that it went off without a problem.

I was impressed with Mike in regards to the rock slide. … After discussing with your engineers and management a plan was devised to bring down a piece that potentially could have been a hazard. Mike, along with 1-2 others, were down on that very large piece drilling the required holes. On the day of the blast, Mike worked with our team to ensure he had everything he needed for the blast. We had scheduled it for 1:00, he and the others were up in time to blast but he did not feel right about the tie in. … Without hesitation, he and the crew member (young Irish fellow) went back down and corrected the tie in. The blast went off without issues at 1:30. He most likely only had one shot at it, I am happy he took the time to correct….

I inspected today, great job. …. Boden is a great asset to your team as well. He is a pretty sharp guy, very keen, does great work.

 I would like to thank all of your crew, I think they all deserve kudos. They are all very hard working professionals who seem to really enjoy their work.”