Worlds Most Ethical Companies 2019-2020

Client in Tennessee

I wanted to take a moment to express gratitude and satisfaction with the job that GSI performed for me.  This work was inside a very congested industrial environment which also had other potential hazards with the presence of alcohol. In addition to confined quarters inside the building we had extreme weather conditions taking place outside the building.  My client was on a critical path timeline and this required GSI to return the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I knew that this was a mandatory week off for GSI but your organization came through, no ifs, ands or buts.

1.) The job superintendent, Ian Turner, handled himself remarkably. He was professional and no matter what the situation he took ownership.

2.) Every person on my job site with GSI had an extraordinary attitude. Case in point: As I was giving a “pep talk” I commented, “some of you guys may be ready to go home”. Emanuel from Georgia, raised his head looked at me and said “no, we wanna finish this job”. Every single person on this project is welcome to work on my projects anytime!

3.) Jarrod Hartshorn was as stated in your company policies willing to communicate 24/7. He answered his phone night or day and if he didn’t in a short while I could expect a phone call.  Jarrod also drove to my project to check on things with me and with the crew working.

4.) One of the best safety programs I have ever witnessed! I enjoy doing “flex and stretch“ with the crew every morning. Thank you!

5.) Hats off to all those volunteers the week after Christmas.

I wish I could remember all names but a special thanks to everyone on my project [including] Preston, Emanuel, Ian, Cole, Cliff, Jarrod, Zach, and the maintenance guy from Kentucky.