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Client in New Mexico

I had the opportunity to work with GSI on an emergency repair of an earth retaining wall on Highway NM 475 at MM 11. This project was an emergency repair because the earth retaining wall is part of the roadway embankment, which was failing. Also, NM 475 is the only highway used to get to Ski Santa Fe. The NMDOT requested that GSI have repairs to the wall made before the kickoff to ski season. As I remember, there was not much advanced notice to proceed given. GSI was able to work in inclement weather, traveling hazardous roadways to get to the job site. The crew was good, they concentrated on production. They understood that this project needed to be expedited. The crew worked like a well-oiled machine. Apparently, some of the crew worked together on a previous project for six weeks. It showed because, for example, if one guy needed a pipe wrench, another guy already had it ready for him. Like I said above, the crew worked on production, they hustled, and did it all in a very safe manner. At the end, the wall had been completely repaired two days after the opening of Ski Santa Fe, which was good for all. I would highly recommend GSI on any future NMDOT projects.