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Bob Barrett

P.G., Founder & Advisory Board

Bob Barrett, P.G., Founder & Advisory Board

Bob Barrett holds a B.S. in Geology from Marshall University. Bob worked for the West Virginia DOT and the Colorado DOT for over 30 years as a landslide specialist and as the chief geologist for design and construction of Interstate 70 across the Colorado Rockies. Bob was Manager of Geotechnical Research for the Colorado DOT and for the Colorado Transportation Institute, was a co-inventor of the Colorado Rockfall Simulation Program (CRSP), and received the 1991 Colorado Governor’s award for creativity and innovation in government service. He chaired the Transportation Research Board Committee on Geosynthetics , the NCHRP Panel on Sealing Geotechnical Boreholes, and NCHRP Panel 12-59, dealing with design of GRS bridge abutments. He is a leading researcher in the Geotechnical area and holds patents for rockfall mitigation devices and Geosynthetically Confined Soil (GCS®) retaining wall innovations. He and Al have patents on Earthquake Wings for bridges and ScourMicropiles for Open Bottom Boxes and other applications. Bob is currently a member of the NCHRP Project Panel to develop seismic guidelines for GRS bridge abutments. He was the former Manager of Bridge Design and Construction for Yenter Companies and now advises the Board of Directors of GeoStabilization.

Bob and Al Ruckman were the recipients of the 1998 IFAI international design award for the design and construction of a 55-ft high GCS retaining wall in Grand County, Colorado, and continue to enjoy solving difficult problems. Together, they have presented technology transfer programs on five continents on the subjects of GCS®, landslide mitigation, and rockfall control. They have constructed GCS® walls and abutments across the globe. Bob lives in Grand Junction, Colorado, with his wife, Linda.


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Robert Huber
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Dustin Leonhardt
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