Rockfall Mitigation

Rockfall Mitigation

GeoStabilization’s engineers and geologists have extensive experience with rockfall mitigation, stretching back to the 1960’s. Most famously, GeoStabilization founders Robert Barrett and Albert Ruckman rolled hundreds of rocks into experimental barriers as part of the research behind the Colorado Rockfall Simulation Program (CRSP). GeoStabilization’s specialized fleet of purpose-built limited-access rock drills, combined with our staff of engineers and rock remediation technicians, extends our design-build services to rockfall mitigation and rock slope stabilization across the continent. GeoStabilization’s rockfall remediation technicians are the most highly trained individuals in the industry, holding both S.P.R.A.T. (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) and P.C.I.A. (Professional Climbing Instructors’ Association) scaler certifications following the rigorous CalTrans curriculum. Our team, tools, and expertise make GeoStabilization a true one-stop shop for safe and economical solutions for all types of rockfall mitigation and rock slope stabilization.

Rockfall Safety Tool

Before rockfall mitigation work is commenced on a project, GeoStabilization’s rockfall team assesses the slope for potential rockfall hazards to ensure that all threats & dangers are identified to ensure the crew & equipment are protected and the tasks are completed in a safe manner. Below is an example of a worksheet tailored specifically for work in the mining industry.

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