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Roadside Excavation Shoring

Roadside Excavation Shoring

A Southeastern United States’ Department of Transportation (DOT) had a major landslide on a major interstate in the eastern part of their state. The DOT’s geotechnical group designed the repair and the DOT’s Regional Engineer’s team led the project that included a 100-foot-high excavation on a 1:1 slope to key in a rock buttress.

Once the Regional Engineer decided that their excavation should be temporarily shored, it was estimated that due to site constraints that shoring the excavation with traditional soil nails would delay the project by a month. Instead, the DOT elected to use Launched Nails, which in contrast to traditional nails assume load immediately. GeoStabilization International® completed the shoring in four days and within the active excavation; while the general contractor reported no delays. The regional engineer estimates the use of Launched Nails saved the state hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Frank Amend, P.E., Project Development Support Manager
Frank Amend
P.E., Project Development Support Manager
Jared McDowell, Southeast & South Central Regional Operations Manager
Jared McDowell
Southeast & South Central Regional Operations Manager
Joe Waycaster, General Superintendent
Joe Waycaster
General Superintendent

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