Transmission Line Rebuild with Spiders

Power companies need fast, proactive geohazard prevention and mitigation. Quick action can help avoid damage to generating stations, power transmission towers, utility poles, high-voltage transmission lines, and ground wires.

The 100 KV Transmission Line rebuild was a challenging project located in the remote mountains of Montana, far away from urban centers. One of the standout features of this project was its remote location, which posed significant logistical difficulties. The rugged terrain and limited access made it challenging to transport equipment, materials, and personnel to the site.

Access Limited was subcontracted for critical excavation tasks, including the excavation of culverts for new pole installations and the installation of guy anchors for the new guy cables. Their specialized expertise in excavation techniques tailored to challenging ground conditions played a vital role in ensuring the stability of pole installations and the safe and reliable installation of guy cables.

They successfully offered a heavy equipment solution for a labor-intensive project while adhering to environmental guidelines. This innovative approach allowed for the ultimately saving the utility company a year on their initial scope of work.

By implementing these advancements, Access Limited delivered exceptional results, setting a precedent for sustainable construction practices in the industry. Their ability to balance efficiency, environmental responsibility, and project requirements positively contributed to the overall success of the project.

Spiders to the Rescue

The spider's speed and efficiency were instrumental in overcoming the challenges posed by the remote location. Equipped with a hydraulic breaker, it swiftly and effectively hammered through the rocky ground during the removal of old wood H-frame structures. This significantly accelerated the construction process and reduced the time required for each pole installation, enabling the project to progress swiftly despite the challenging terrain, saving the utility almost a year on their project.

Unlike traditional excavators, these machines possess remarkable features that make them invaluable to the industry, offering:

  • Versatility: They are meticulously designed to navigate confined spaces effortlessly, making them the perfect choice for power projects that demand precision work in constrained areas. Whether it's substation maintenance, installation of power lines in densely populated regions, or tackling steep, rugged terrain, these machines excel where conventional equipment simply cannot operate.
  • ​Stability: The spider excavator's multiple legs provide exceptional stability, especially on uneven terrain. This stability is crucial when working near live power lines or environmentally sensitive areas, where safety and minimal disturbance are crucial. Experienced operators can confidently maneuver these machines to access hard-to-reach spots while minimizing risks and disturbances.
  • Efficiency: Efficiency and speed are of the essence to ensure projects are completed on time to meet growing demands. Spider excavators offer a combination of hydraulic power, precision control, and a wide range of attachments that allow experienced operators to complete tasks quickly and accurately. Between digging, lifting, drilling, and cutting, spider excavators significantly reduce project timelines and costs.

Geohazard Prevention for Power Infrastructure

Depending on the site’s location and geotechnical aspects, GeoStabilization may supply geohazard solutions like:

  • Foundation repair for communication towers and wind turbines
  • Landslide stabilization for critical access roads
  • Soil nail wall installation to stabilize foundations of transmission towers, buildings, and other structures.
  • Mitigating rockfall hazards by installing drapes, pinned mesh systems, and rockfall barriers to protect staff and infrastructure.
  • Temporary shoring for the installation of underground utility cables

Why Access Limited?

We support private and public power system owners, operators, consultants, and contractors. We also mitigate emergency geohazards with quick crew mobilization, state-of-the-art equipment, and effective customized solutions for every hazard.

Our services go beyond emergency event response. We recommend incorporating geohazard mitigation strategies into all power projects and we help prevent power infrastructure disruptions by protecting power generation facilities, solar farms, and wind turbines from unstable ground conditions, rockfalls, and other geohazards.