GeoStabilization’s Energy Team Protects Multiple Energy Facilities in West Virginia

When an energy company in northern West Virginia began construction of a new facility, a cut slope failure began to threaten one of their nearby facilities. GeoStabilization quickly mobilized to protect their assets before a geohazard could harm both facilities.

“The client ultimately decided to move forward with our solution because he knew we offer a fixed price and they wouldn’t see a change order,” Corey Mislinski, GeoStabilization’s Energy Project Development Engineer, said. “The customer’s confidence in the quality of our solutions really put his mind at ease.”

GeoStabilization offered a performance warranty for the project and a design solution that would allow them to meet the unique site, timing, and budgetary constraints of the project. Once mobilized, the GeoStabilization team stabilized the slope using up to five (5) rows of Self-Drilling SuperNails® faced with steel-reinforced shotcrete. Once the site was opened up, it was clear the area required additional stabilization to ensure a successful solution.  The crew added the additional stabilization at no expense to the client, strictly adhering to the project’s original budget.

“We completed the project almost two weeks ahead of schedule, and I think that the client appreciated our dedication to meeting or exceeding our schedule,” Mislinski said. “It was a challenging slide and a sensitive project, as we had structures to protect both above and below the unstable slope.”

As the site excavation progressed, the GeoStabilization crews uncovered multiple springs and seeps. The crews installed the appropriate drainage to ensure that hydrostatic pressure would not build up behind the finished wall. Since the project’s completion, the slope has not seen any further movement and both facilities are out of harm’s way.

According to Mislinski, the client was extremely happy with the results, and he takes particular pride in keeping the promises made while assessing the site. He credits the crew’s ability to react quickly to changes at the site and the design team’s flexibility as the catalyst for the project’s success.

About GeoStabilization International®

GeoStabilization International® repairs a full spectrum of geotechnical hazards and specializes in emergency landslide repair and rockfall mitigation using design/build and design/build/warranty contracting. GeoStabilization’s team includes some of the most experienced and innovative geologists, geotechnical engineers, equipment operators, and rockfall remediation technicians in the industry. For more information, contact the Energy Services team.

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