GeoStabilization Rockfall Division Increases Mining Safety and Efficiency

When a large, surface precious metal mine operation was approaching the final benches within its pit, the mine approached GeoStabilization International® with a plan to support safely mining the remaining lower levels that had presented extensive geotechnical challenges. Previously in an earlier phase of mining, GeoStabilization’s Daniel Journeaux worked on the removal of a massive pinnacle that detached from the wall of this same pit and threatened the mine’s continued operation. While other rock remediation firms deemed this repair beyond their experience and resources, Mr. Journeaux’s team was able to remove this pinnacle and safely install a draped ring net system. This allowed the mine to resume safe operations.

In the current phase of mining, Mr. Journeaux and his team executed a plan to safeguard the continuous operation of the mine at its lower levels. To ensure the safety of its workers, the mine knew it needed a way to maintain the wall integrity and prevent further rockslides and rockfalls. Given the natural joint structure of the west wall and ongoing rockfall issues on the north wall, auxiliary support would be required to safely operate and recover those gold reserves.

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